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Spring 2013 event poll

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Spring is here! Which event will you pick?

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Spring 2013 event poll Empty Spring 2013 event poll

Post  Stormraiser98 on Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:39 pm

Strong scent- Flowers have started blooming! Which means there are tons of colors and great scents out here! Be careful though, bees are also attracted to the sweet smell.
Draw your cat enjoying the floral in their clan, NPC's are allowed
If selected then there will be a list of main flowers in a clan and other things

A bug's life- The warmth is here, which means bugs will start to come! Some a deadly some are pretty and some are just ugly as can be!
Draw your cat interacting with an insect, if selected there will be descriptions.

Gray Spring- Spring isn't only filled with flowers, bugs, prey and sunshine. Spring has a bad side too. Not only foxes, badgers and big fish come out but the floods from the gray skies. As the heavy rain hits the rain will rise up and flood some of the island, be careful!
Draw your cat helping the clan deal with the heavy rain, hunting is forbidden. Again once selected details will come.

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